Vegan Scones with Coconut Cream & Summery Jam

Scones an Irish classic, usually laden with rich butter and tangy buttermilk, could simply be one of the easiest baking recipes anybody could conquer! Some years ago, I had the pleasure of working with a near retired pastry chef, her knowledge of Irish baking was infectious and her time spent in France was evident!

Without revealing her tip top scone recipe, she merely suggested that cream was the answer to the best scones, not butter nor buttermilk. And in someways it makes sense… Butter is simply churned cream and buttermilk is the liquid left after churning the cream to a butter – quick quality is how I would have described her scones!

scones 3

But if you’ve followed my food journey, you’ll know my recipes generally have little twists on the classics. It bores me create the same thing again and again, and with a seriously health conscious partner, I’m always pushed to try something new!

So I give you my crumbly vegan scones…


The Scone Dough, makes 8

300g Self raising flour
100g Coarse wholemeal flour
1tsp Baking powder
Good pinch of sea salt
100g Soy butter, chilled & 1tsp extra for glazing
40g Caster sugar
180ml Rice milk chilled
8 Pieces of mixed berries, fresh / frozen
1tsp Brown muscovado sugar

Coconut Cream

250ml Carton of coconut cream, room temperature
1tbsp Agave / maple syrup / honey (if not vegan)
1tsp Ground cinnamon
1/2tsp Vanilla bean paste / extract

Summery Jam

200g Frozen / fresh mixed berries
3tbsp Agave / maple syrup / honey (if not vegan)

Preheat the oven to 220C. Toss the fruit and sweetener into a saucepan, leave on a medium to low heat until the fruit mushes down and becomes a deep rich color. Make sure to give it a stir here and there to ensure it doesn’t stick or burn to the bottom of the pan.

Meanwhile pour the coconut cream into a bowl. Loosen with a spoon and gently pour in the vanilla bean paste, sweetener and ground cinnamon, mix and leave in the fridge until needed. It’s best when made the day before, infused by the vanilla and cinnamon!

Using a big bowl, sieve in the self raising flour and baking powder from a height to incorporate lots of air. Pour in the coarse wholemeal flour and add a good pinch of salt. Using a whisk, spoon, fork or your hands, shuffle everything together. Throw in the chilled soy butter and using your finger tips, rub the butter into the flour until you get a bread crumb consistency.

Sieve in the caster sugar and shuffle through the flour. Make a well in the center of the bowl. Pour in the cold rice milk. Use a spoon to bring the dough together. Run the soft dough around the edges of the bowl to ensure every bit of crumbly flour gets mixed in.

Flour a work surface and tumble the dough on top. Lightly knead together to avoid overworking the beautiful soft dough. Pat it out to an inch in thickness, it’s so soft you don’t need a rolling pin. Dust the surface of the dough with a little flour. Lightly flour a baking tray. Dip your cutter into flour so the dough doesn’t stick to the sides and give you trouble! Cut out 4 – 5 scones and then lightly knead the off cuts back to an inch in thickness to get your remaining 3 – 4 scones.

Place on the floured tray. Rub a little butter on top, plonk a berry in the middle and push down. Scatter with brown sugar and bake for about 12 – 14 minutes or until golden brown and hollow when tapped underneath.

Allow to cool on a wire rack for 10 – 15 minutes and then slather with coconut cream and rich summery jam!

Bella ❤


Dairy Free Chocolate Truffle Cake

This chocolate truffle cake is for a total and utter chocolate lover, for someone who suffers from dairy or who has opted for a vegan diet. It can easily be made raw and gluten free with this base recipe here – Chocolate, Coconut & Lime Ganache Tart! Such a super and simple cake to have up your sleeve if you need to make a celebration cake in a jiffy. If dark chocolate isn’t your thing then use some good quality milk chocolate. You could also switch the coconut milk for normal cows cream and voila you have another take on this stunning cake!

Biscuit Base

10 Packets / 330g Nairn’s Ginger Oat Biscuits, blitzed to a crumb
3 Tbsp / 45g Soy Butter, melted

Chocolate Truffle Filling

525ml Coconut milk
625g 60% Dark chocolate, broken into pieces
Juice of 1 lime
1 Tsp Sea salt
3 Tbsp Honey / vegan friendly – agave / maple syrup – adjust sweetness to your liking


250ml Coconut cream, at room temperature
1 Tsp Honey / vegan friendly – agave / maple syrup – adjust sweetness to your liking
1/2 Tsp Vanilla bean paste
Zest of 1 lime
Dark chocolate curls
Mixed berries

Line the sides and bottom of a spring form or other removable base and side 8 inch cake tin with parchment paper. Mix the biscuit crumb with the melted butter and using the back of a spoon pat it firmly against the base of the cake tin. Use your fists to ensure it is nice and compact. Place in the fridge.

Heat the coconut milk until it just comes to a slow rolling boil. Take off the heat and allow to cool for about one minute. Pour over the lovely dark chocolate and stir until fully melted. Roll the lime against your work surface to allow the juice within release from their capsules. Slice in half and squeeze both halves into the silky melted chocolate. Scatter over the salt and drizzle in the sweetener of your choice. Give it a good mix to ensure everything incorporates.

Take the biscuit base from the fridge and pour in the beautiful melty chocolate (at this stage it would be called a Ganache). Tap the cake tin off your work surface a few times to rid any air bubbles and cover with cling film. Leave in the fridge overnight or at least 4-5 hours. Alternatively, stick it into the freezer for 1 to 2 hours and it should set beautifully!

Meanwhile pour the coconut cream into a bowl. Mush around with the back of a spoon, this should be easy if it is at room temperature. Mix and mush out any lumps at the side of the bowl. Gently pour in the vanilla bean paste and wack into the fridge for about an hour. Mix every 15 minutes to ensure even and consistent deliciousness! If you are leaving this cake overnight then mix up the coconut cream the next day when the chocolate has set and is firm.

To finish, take the cake from the fridge and gently pour over the coconut cream. Scatter with the lime zest and chocolate curls. Throw it back into the fridge until the coconut cream firms up, for about another half hour. Remove the cake gently from the cake tin and pull off the parchment paper. Slide on to a cake stand or leave it on the bottom of the cake tin as I have done. Adorn with mixed berries.

Slice into 16 slices as this is an extremely decadent and rich cake or go mad and slice it into 12, at your own risk…


Bella ❤

Doughnuts with Ali’s Adventures in Bakerland

Have you heard that the centre of a doughnut is 100% fat free? Well it’s true… And that’s why munching down a dozen or two should never be a problem!

Doughnuts are the new cupcakes. Let’s face it, they’re everywhere. A Rolling Donut has just opened up near my Dublin Coach bus stop and god it’s hard to resist. Their doughnuts are a sourdough base, so I feel somewhat reassured carrying a bag load home to clean off!

As these trendy circular balls of goodness start to bounce up and around, you can be assured clever bakers will get their hands out ready to educate the country. Ali of Ali’s Adventures in Bakerland, 2014 finalist on The Great Irish Bake Off has pounced on it and piloted her first ever doughnut class this week.

An intimate class of three allowed for much one on one attention in the pristine Newmarket Kitchen, Irelands first ever small business food incubator for aspiring food entrepreneurs. Ali’s knowledge and love for doughnuts soared through and gave a certain spark of passion to the attendees. From classic crispy creams to the more wintery baked cinnamon doughnuts it was a broad look at the much loved sweet treat.

Baked or fried, complicated or easy – Ali showed the class a variety of ways to enjoy the beloved dessert at home. Filled, rolled or iced, these guys can be jam packed with any filling you desire, the only thing you need is imagination – any type of jam, chocolate spread, lemon curd, dulce de leche… Tossed in cinnamon and sugar straight out of the fryer is an absolute treat or drizzled and spread with a simple vanilla sugar and milk glaze is a proper classic!

A class like this not only guarantees you a box full of doughnuts but a splash of creativity and confidence to re-create these beauties at home in your own kitchen. For just €50, it’s an experience not to miss. Bask in the ambiance of a baker who deserves huge kudos – get stuck in and messy, learn and most importantly enjoy the chilled glass of rose she pours!

Gluten Free Chocolate Mud Cake With A Vegan Hazelnut Frosting

To all you chocolate lovers out there, this cake is gonna have you weak at the knees! A gluten free mud cake on the bottom and a vegan frosting piled on top, crowned with some pretty simple chocolate pieces… What’s not to love?

Such an easy cake to bake and is perfect for those wheat intolerant misfortunes out there! The frosting can be used to top cupcakes, sandwich between some bickies or anything you wish – it’s jam packed with fiber rich hazelnuts and tastes just like nutella (so maybe a cheeky spread over some freshly toasted multi-seed bread is yet another wise way to use it!). Read the recipe below to find one of the sexiest yet totally easy ways to create some showstopping chocolate decorations!


Gluten Free Chocolate Mud Cake

250g 70% good quality dark chocolate (avoid cooking chocolate if possible)
150g Soy butter or any butter of your choice
150g Golden caster sugar
5 Medium eggs, separated
100g Ground almonds
Pinch Sea salt

Vegan Hazelnut Frosting (adapted from The Yummy Beet )

250g Whole hazelnuts, roasted, shelled and covered in water overnight or for an entire day if possible
100ml Coconut oil
100ml Maple syrup
230ml Water
1 TSp vanilla extract
1/2 Tsp apple cider vinegar
Pinch of salt


125g Dark chocolate, melted
Toasted choppped hazelnuts

Preheat the oven to about 170-180 degrees C and line a cake tin. In a  bowl melt the chocolate and butter over a bain marie (hot water in a saucepan). Meanwhile whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks form. When the chocolate and butter have melted, take off the heat. Scatter in the sugar and whisk until dissolved. Add in the egg yolks one by one, mixing until each one has been incorporated each time. Throw in the ground almond and give it all a good mix.

Place one good scoop of the whipped egg whites into the bowl of chocolate gorgeousness and mix vigorously to incorporate. Gently fold in the remaining egg whites so as to not loose any air. Pour into your cake tin and bake for about 30 – 40 minutes until the outside has dried out, the cake still has a wobble and the center when prodded is still slightly gooey! Leave to cool completely and then remove for the tin.

For this amazing and exciting frosting, drain and rinse the hazelnuts. Throw into a food processor along with the remaining ingredients. Blitz until creamy and smooth. Transfer to a plastic bowl and freeze for about 20 – 30 mins or until firmed up.

Take out of the freezer and whip with a whisk. Re-freeze for another 10 minutes. Whip and freeze again for another 10 minutes, continue this process until you are left with a light and fluffy frosting! I have to admit when I made my own I added soy butter but you honestly don’t need to!

For the decoration, line a cookie tray with cling film. Pour over the melted chocolate and sprinkle with chopped toasted hazelnuts. Freeze until set and smash up! You have two sides to choose from – one with hazelnut bliss and the other with an almost tree trunk pattern! Take your pick…

Place the mud cake onto a cake stand and top with the frosting. Stick the smashed up chocolate pieces all over the top to give it great height and that ‘shut the front door’ effect!

Bella ❤

Vegan Snicker Bars

Drum roll please… Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – I give you one of the most delicious versions of the world famous Snicker bar! Healthier and vegan they are just luscious. With a tahini fudge base and date and crunchy peanut butter caramel, these babies are topped with a thick bark of dark chocolate and scattered with roasted chopped peanuts! You’re original Snicker bar is about to make the ultimate friend – you’ll be able to indulge in thee snicker naughty treat along with having a recipe at the ready for when your belly calls for nothing but pure goodness!


Tahini Fudge Base

300g Light tahini
2 Tbsp coconut oil
4 Tbsp Agave syrup
80g Ground roasted & salted peanuts (blitz with a food processor until fine)
Pinch Sea salt
1/2 Tsp vanilla extract/paste

Date Peanut Caramel

300g Pitted dates, soaked in hot water for about an hour
2 to 3 Tbsp hot water to make it nice and smooth (may need more to get a lovely caramel consistency so just play with it)
4 Heaped tbsp organic crunchy peanut butter
60g Roasted peanuts

Chocolate Top

Chopped roasted & salted peanuts sprinkle
250g Vegan dark chocolate,melted (you can use any chocolate you like!)

How To Put It Together

Start with the base. Throw all the ingredients into a sauce pan and melt together. Line a baking dish or a square or rectangular cake tin with some parchment paper. Pour this liquid gold into the prepared tin and place in the freezer for at least an hour.

For the caramel (ohh la la you’re gonna love this!), drain the dates and throw into a food processor, blitz until smooth and add a few table spoons of hot boiling water to help it along. Spoon in the crunchy peanut butter and blitz to combine. When it’s nice and smooth scatter over the chopped peanuts and mix together with a spoon.

Take the tahini fudge from the freezer. Spread the caramel on top and pour over the luscious melted dark chocolate. Sprinkle with chopped peanuts and then stick back to bed into the freezer overnight or for at least 3 – 4 hours to set nicely.

Portion into rectangular bars using a hot knife. To avoid cracking, slowly allow the heat of the knife to penetrate through the thick bark of chocolate and then slice down firmly through the caramel and fudge. Keep in the freezer, stored in a lunch box wrapped with cling film as the fudge will melt if left at room temperature for too long. Eat straight from the freezer and get ready for a peanut explosion!


Bella ❤


Top 10 Things To Do In Barcelona

I feel fortunate to have visited lots of cities around the world. But to date if I’m really honest, Barcelona has been the best by a European mile! From food to culture, weather to accessibility – this city has everything! Looking for your next big bold trip? Keep reading below to check out some of the B E S T spots to immerse yourself in when you get there!

Visit Sagrada Família

One of Gaudi’s masterpieces, this place will leave you speechless. ‘Growing into the sky’, this epic cathedral is a whopping 170m. Stand mesmerised by the intricate detail or head on in to explore the entire building. It’s pricey so I decided to give going in a miss. Do you regret it I hear you thinking… Not for one minute! I stood, gazing up at this majestic treasure for more than half an hour. I looked as far as my eyes allowed me and took everything in. But of course, yes the next time I visit the city I’ll make sure to check the inside!


Stroll Around The Magical Park Güell

One of Barcelona’s famed tourist attractions, this place is like stepping into someones dreams – Gaudi’s to be precise! So colorful and vibrant the mosaic tiles are just spectacular. Gaudi has left his legacy to the world in pieces of art scattered all over Barcelona and I feel lucky to have been able to experience it first hand. This is a must visit. I normally stray from the mega tourist spots but I can’t stress how amazing this place is. Climb all the way to the top and soak up the best view of the sprawling Barcelona! Before I forget… Listen out for musicians within the park, a violinist and bass player were busking while I visited and they blew me away! Also look out for the headless business man, one of the best mimes I’ve ever come across!


Take A Self Guided Food Tour 

Barcelona’s food scene is happening! They have everything here and they do it superbly. Try traditional churros at Xurreria San Roman, one of the most bragged about places in the city, immerse yourself in Marche de La Boqueria,stalk the locals doing their weekly shop or interact with some of the stall holders and grab an epic falafel with heaps of vibrant salad from Maoz Vegetarian. For more inspiration continue reading here for my Ultimate Foodie Guide To Barcelona!


Climb Montjuïc Hill To Experience Spain’s Funerary Art

Here in Ireland and most parts of the world, dead people are buried in the ground. But as morbid as  I ask… Have you ever heard of people being buried in walls? I know this sounds incredibly dark and grim but this was one of favorite experiences during my week in Barcelona! I found it so interesting, steeped in history and culture I learned a lot about Spain through one single experience.

As a symbol of wealth one would have been privileged to end up in a place like this. Atop the steep Montjuïc Hill sprawls tall walls filled with the people that would have once made up this now hip and trendy city. It’s well worth the hike, from the mountains to the more industrious part of Barcelona, the views are spectacular. The intricate stone work and grave markings are intriguing and the cemetery will give you an understanding of the city’s culture and tradition. Just magical!


Picnic At Parc de la Ciutadella

The city’s favorite place to casually pass a few hours. The weekend is packed with family’s teaching their children to ride bicycles, groups gathering for a good music jam or friends out on a little picnic! With wide sand like pathways there’s lots of space for everyone. It’s perfect to get some air and people watch. Bring a blanket with a packed lunch, some plastic cups and a bottle of vino from one of the supermarkets for a fab afternoon! Also watch out for the Indian guys selling spicy homemade samosas and super sweet chai tea.


Explore The City By Foot

One of the best ways to fully absorb Barcelona is to throw on a pair of joggers along with some comfy shoes and just hit the streets! I spent most of my time simply wandering without looking at the clock, getting lost within the little alleyways and somehow always finding my way back to La Rambla! It’s a wanderers paradise with cobbled stone pathways and old style buildings. From old to new this place has something to wow any visitor and I’m so excited for the feast your eyes are about to gobble up!


Visit Marche de La Boqueria

Immerse yourself in Barcelona’s food cultural hub, one of Spain’s most raved about food markets. Full of vibrancy, variety and tradition it has something to nibble on, grab a last minute gift or just spend a few hours gazing at locals doing their weekly shop. They even have a paella dedicated stall, selling all the need equipment to make the famed Spanish rice dish. It’s something not to miss, so bring a few shopping bags and get ready for a brilliant market!

DSC_8933FotorCreated 2

Explore The City By Bike

Barcelona, although still establishing a cycling culture it’s one of the best ways to explore and experience the city. Rent an affordable good solid bike from Green Bikes for the day and follow one of their routes or make up your own. I ditched the route and made my own one which turned out to be one of the hardest cycles of my life! All the way up through Montjuïc Hill and right back down, it was truly something else! I felt so free and happy I was getting my workout which would somehow combat the pounds I was bound to pack on from all the food Barcelona was filling me up on! Unless you’re crazy into fitness and mad enough to put your body under immense pressure I’d advise a cycle along the beach prom and in and around the flatter city!


Experience A Vegan & Vegetarian Inspired Degustation Menu At Teresa Carles

A degustation menu is generally at some fancy Michelin starred restaurant created by some well talked about chef (and for the work he/she puts in they should be bragged about!), showcasing his/her skill at everything from fish to meat in many different forms and that’s exciting. But never have I come across such a degustation menu that Teresa Carles has invented!

An eight course menu bigging up vegan and vegetarian cooking – at it’s best! Think vegan Foie Gras, Funghi Canneloni and Coconut Chia Pudding to name but a few. All washed down with a welcome Vegan Vampire Cava and a bottle of Teresa’s house red or white wine. For just €30.00, this evening was a major highlight of the entire trip and I couldn’t recommend coming here during your stay in Barcelona. Something different, healthy and truly wonderful!


Spend An Evening At Gypsy Lou’s

Experiencing Barcelona like a local is something every keen globetrotter wants to do. Hidden within the old quarter of El Ravel sits this little gem, waiting for you to enjoy a true Spanish night! From traditional Spanish to jazz or reggae there’s live music seven days a week which attracts hoards of people. Their fantastic quality booze is at a fraction of the price you’d pay nearer La Rambla and that’s just an added bonus! So keep an evening free for this place and dive into a locals night out on the town…

Buen Viaje!

Bella ❤

The Ultimate Foodie Guide To Barcelona

January this year I took a weeks break in the absolutely stunning Barcelona! I had never been before but I had only heard superb things about the place. The weather was perfect for exploring a new city – not rainy nor too much heat that only surrenders you to under an umbrella!

I ate my way around the city and gobbled up some of the tastiest food I’ve ever tried. So, take a look at my top suggestions to fill your hungry tummy while in Barcelona!

Food Culture Spot

Marche de La Boqueria is one of the best places to fully immerse yourself in Barcelona’s food culture – bustling with locals on their weekly shop and hundreds of tourists, cameras in hand ready to sample the food and bask in the buzzing market atmosphere!

I rented an apartment bang smack in the center of the Gothic district, right of La Rambla, Barcelona’s famed shopping street. So if you’ve got a kitchen facility it’s a perfect spot to grab groceries if you’re feeling a cooking session!

Expect lots of color, exotic juicy fruits, the normal veggies we’d see at home, meats, sweets, tapas, paella cooking equipment stalls and other Spanish classics. A must try for anyone who wants to delve into Barcelona’s respected food hub!


Juice & Smoothies

Teresa Carles Juicery is the best place in the city to grab a fresh and vitality packed juice! They also specialise in super smoothies bursting with color and thick deliciousness. Think Green Love with spinach, lemon, cucumber, apple, ginger and celery juiced to what I would call liquid gold or Antiox with kiwi, orange, lemon and strawberry whizzed into a thick tricolor smoothie… This place is perfect to bust a hangover, gear you up for a day of exploring , fill you up on a perfect cup of magic or all three!

unnamed (5)


Maoz Vegetarian is an epic place to get amazing falafel at a bargain! Cooked to order and stuffed in a pitta slathered with hummus and loaded with your choice of mixed salads from their beloved all you can eat salad bar. For less than €8.00, you’ll bag a tasty pitta falafel, stack loads of vibrant salad and a packet of homemade crispy chips along with a choice of beer or fizzy soda… Absolutely delicious, I went more than once during my short week in Barcelona!



Teresa Carles restaurant group has to be the best and most dreamed about vegan location in all of Spain! So creative and bursting with super food color, it’s got something for everyone to sample. I particularly love the avocado on wholegrain toast and the kale chips are delicious. A menu spilling with healthy options that taste superb! Read here about Breakfast at Flax & Kale. Ps… Try the gluten free non-fried almond based doughnut and the vegan croissant!


Chips / French Fries

Maoz Vegetarian serves up homemade chips by the cone full! I love spuds (potatoes in Irish terms!) in any shape or form. If you handed me a plate full of chips, mash, roasties, gratin or any other spud dish, I’d be in heaven – guaranteed! If I could munch on a packet of chips everyday I would but we all know I’d be the size of a bus so that dream will never come true! These chips are absolutely rocking. Crispy on the outside and potato gorgeousness on the inside. Looking by the picture below they look like any old bag of chips… But don’t be fooled these guys are going to sweep you off your feet and if you don’t visit more than once, I’d be very surprised!


Healthy Cake (I Know! What??)

I know this sounds like the biggest contradiction you’ve ever heard… But I’m not lying this vegan rainbow cake by Teresa Carles  is mind blowing! Layers of gluten free raw cacao, matcha, tumeric and beetroot almond based sponge hidden underneath a thick coating of cashew cream frosting is the ultimate healthy kicking cake. It’s nothing like the normal color bursting rainbow cakes we see on most cafe counters nowadays but how could it when the ingredients are much more pure than that of a highly artificial mess?!



Xurreria San Roman has got to be one of the best places in all of Barcelona to indulge in a packet of fried Spanish doughnuts. They’ve been frying these little swirls of goodness for years so they knows what they’re doing when it comes to the beloved treat of locals and tourists alike! The queues were out the door each night I passed and that’s only a great sign. Grab a bag, shake a whole load of sugar on top and don’t forget to order a cup of chocolate to dunk them into!


Bakery Fix

Escriba is steeped in an amazing history and respected as one of the best bakeries in the whole of Spain. This place has created cakes for huge celebrities and showcases some of the most creative sweet products I’ve ever seen! The pain au chocolats are to die for, especially stuffed with a banana and the croissants are flaky, buttery madness. Their signature lip is mouth watering and a must try! Delve in their macron display, drool over their pastry window or head right in and stuff yourself full of the city’s finest desserts.

If you never get to taste the wonderfulness of Escriba, do yourself a favor and check out their highly interactive and entertaining website – it’s magical!



After a long day filled with exploring the mesmerising city it’s time to gulp down some good earned booze! I have two spots that are going to blow you away.

Gipsy Lou’s is a grimy little spot in the heart of El Raval. With some of the best booze to guzzle down (think Hendricks Gin…) and a different band every night it’s a place where all the locals seem to go. Advised by an American jewelry artist living in the city, it’s a brilliant place to experience Barcelona’s culture! I guzzled down a few glass ‘bowls’ full of gin and tonics and boy oh boy did they hit the spot.

Ocana is one of the coolest spots in the city to have a night out. The decor is amazing and totally out there which is what they are all about! It homes dozens of drag queens who woman/man the front door with pride, dressed to the nines wearing platform high heels that would put any woman to shame! So fun and laid back. The food is pretty good too but that’s not why you’d visit! They have an impressive cocktail menu not to mention the underground intimate funk like cocktail bar. Definitely worth an evening but keep in mind it’s pricey…


A Note On Tapas

Barcelona homes hundreds of Tapas bars. Every corner of the city has a tapas counter the length of a small football pitch displaying vibrant nibbles atop crispy baguette. Take a stab at any of them, they are seriously cheap and well worth a try. Each bar normally offers a deal for a ridiculous amount of tapas along with dessert and drinks. Spain has some beautiful goats cheese, they are famed for their potato tortilla, olives, sausage, hams you name it there is something for every foodie to grab a taste of and tapas is a great way to sample everything at an affordable price!

unnamed (7)

I hope this inspires you to get those eating pants on and get stuck into Barcelona’s foodie scene!

Bon Appetite, Bella! ❤